*4G Japan 7 Days 5GB Data SIM* data SIM Card, easy activation!


*4G Japan 7 Days 5GB Data SIM* data SIM Card, easy activation!

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Important Term & Conditions
  1. Once inserted into the mobile device, the SIM will be activated. You can activate the SIM in Hong Kong or Japan.
  2. The SIM provides mobile data service in Japan only. Voice service is not supported.
  3. The SIM is valid for 7 days upon activation.
  4. Once your data usage reaches 5GB or SIM validity expires, you will be given a grace period to recharge, meanwhile the data service will be suspended. Any unused data will be forfeited.
  5. To purchase a data top-up, please refer to the instructions on the packaging.
  6. Please retain the outer part of the SIM card for recharge and enquiry.
  7. The SIM offers peak download speeds up to 42Mbps. Actual connection speed can vary due to factors such as relative position between you and the base station, download server source, Internet traffic conditions, number of users, device hardware, software and other factors that may arise.
  8. China Unicom (HK) Operations Ltd. reserves its right of final interpretation.


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